What is social media and your digital identity?

Social Media and Your Digital identity is an online interactive e-learning module and should take students approximately 55 minutes to complete.  Students will learn about the possible impacts of using social media on the different aspects of their lives- professional, personal and academic. It includes learning experiences that are engaging and relevant and covers students’ identity, impression and mark on the digital world.

The module reflects on students’ digital identities and presence to evaluate the impact of their e-reputation and the power of Social Media on their careers and lives.

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Module Specifications

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Time to complete

Minutes to complete

This module will help students to:

  • Identify what type of Social Media user they are
  • Explore and evaluate their digital identity and how it may be perceived in the digital world, in particular as a tool for career development
  • Understand the power of Social Media in creating their e-reputation
  • Define basic guidelines to follow so they can be active on Social Media wisely (their persona Social Media manifesto)

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