Follow the steps below to insert the eLearning packages into your Learning Management System(LMS).

 STEP 1: Locate the file

Locate the eLearning module via the website.

download icon

STEP 2: Download

Download the .zip file and save it to your device.

  STEP 3: Open your LMS subject and turn editing on

To to toggle editing ‘on’ or ‘off’, click the ‘turn editing on’ button located at the top right of your screen.

  STEP 4: Upload activity/resource as a SCORM package

In the section where you want the tool to appear, select the ‘add activity or resource’ option. In the pop-up window, scroll down and select add SCORM package. SCORM package allows the LMS to track usage of the tool, so you can track student interaction with the tool in your subject.

  STEP 5: Enter details and set up appearance of SCORM package

You will be presented with a series of fields, such as activity name and summary. You will also have a section for uploading the files. Drag and drop the .zip file to this field (or select through the folder navigation option). You must upload the tool as a .zip file or it will not be accepted.

Information to Fill
Display Package New Window
Display activity name  For best viewing results (particularly on laptops with small screen dimensions), uncheck this box.
Display Subject Structure on entry page No (default)
Display Attempt Status Dashboard and Entry page(default)

  Step 6: Save and return to subject

Save your changes.Check that it appears as an embedded video and viewable by students. We recommend testing it works.

If you have any technical issues with your upload, please contact Education Technology support team on 1555.


For accessible version of the eLearning modules please contact the La Trobe University library.